Overcoming Sweat That Causes Body Odor with Deodorant

The use of deodorants is an important part in preventing body odor. However, sometimes choosing the right deodorant is not easy. If the wrong choice, instead of overcoming the problem of body odor, the underarm skin can become irritated. Various kinds of things such as sports activities, activities in the hot sun or rooms with hot and humid air can make the body easier to sweat. When the body sweats, the risk of experiencing body odor is sometimes unavoidable. Causes of Body Odor Armpits are one part of the body that is prone to sweat. In this part of the body, there are apocrine glands, which are glands that release sweat. Actually the sweat produced does not smell, but can cause odor when mixed with bacteria found on the surface of the skin. There are several factors that can affect the onset of body odor, including: Lack of personal hygiene That is why, one way to prevent body odor is to maintain personal hygiene, especially in the armpit area. Can be done by bathing twice
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